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I have been a member of the SCA since October 1986. I went to my first meeting here in
Cincinnati at the Unitarian Chuch in Clifton. Back then we were the Marche of Fenix, part of
the Barony of Flaming Gryphon. Shortly after I joined we became a free shire, and many
years later we are the Barony of Fenix. The short story on my persona is that I am a widely
traveled 12th century Anglo-Saxon from Wessex. My name, Medraut Beorht-wig, is a
combination of Welsh (Medraut) and an Anglo-Saxon by-name (Beohrt-wig). Medraut is
actually a variation on Medrawd (a knight who fell with Arthur on Badon Hill). Beorht-wig
means 'bright warrior'. I am squired to Viscount Sir Myles Blackheath, and a link to our
household page is below.

good as can be seen on the armoring pics page

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