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Whats New
This past year has seen many changes. Some good some unwanted, but all
have been open doors. The most significant change was Erinn splitting up with
me in July. I now live with Mike and Sarah, and I'm very happy with the
arrangement. They have been very kind and helpful and are easy to live with.
At the end of July I started a second part time job. working as a sub-contractor
at UPS. Its a good job but I work at night. Oh well. I was officially hired by UPS
at the beginning of January of this year and will soon be a teamster.
I have been getting back into the SCA as I can. My work schedule gets in the
way a bit, but I do what I can. Over Christmas I was in the hospital with
menengitis so that put back my plans for going to practice more, but I'll be back
in February I hope.
I also have a new passion. DVDs. I love em. I'm a passionate movie watcher
as it is. Some movie is usually playing in the background as I do things (In fact
The Fellowship of the Ring is playing right now). Now with DVDs I have not just
the movie, but all the extras that come on DVDs. Its like having a producer in my
room as I watch, at least with good DVDs