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The pics above are of my new 12th century style Sheild. It is still under construction but slated
to be finished soon.
The pics below are of my new cross hilts for my swords and the new gauntlets Ben and I are
making. We started On the 4th and hope to finish a large part of our armoring projects by the
This page last modified on Sunday, March 05, 2001
Below are Pictures of the work we did on the 5th for my new crosshilts for my swords. The first
picture is of the first one I finished grinding smooth. I placed it next to the unfinished pieces to
show how much work goes into grinding those puppies. Anyone who has a set of these should
thank Ben over and over and over......
This Page seems a little full so I
continued the rest of the armoring
pics on another.
Click Here to see them