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I have been playing role-playing, strategy board games, and miniatures games
since I was 15. I was introduced to gaming by my high school world history
teacher. The very first role-playing game I ever played was Empire of the
Petal Throne
. A game long since gone into the publishing ether. I have since
played many many games of all types and genres. Among my favorites are:
AD&D (of course), Squad Leader, Call of Cthulu, Traveller, Warhammer,
Warhammer 40K, Mordhiem
. Here lately I have not had a lot of time for
roleplaying, but I have played a lot more miniatures games, as a I really like
painting figures. I paint very slowly but I enjoy both the process and the end
result.The picture to the below is of two of the nearly completed figures from my
Mordhiem warband "Gerta's Redeemer's". I hope to have more pictures of my
figures as I finish them. I have been playing Mordhiem with my friend Robert,
and his friends Bruce and Steve. We have started a campaign, and its been fun
the few times we got together. Maybe if I get ambitous I will put battle reports
up on these pages. So far my Sisters of Sigmar have done very well for me on
the table top.

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This page last modified on Tuesday, December 05, 2000
This page last modified on Tuesday, December 05, 2000

I have always loved gaming, and though I have a better time when I'm winning, I
love to play for the pleasure of playing. Any time I find an oponnent who is good
at what they do, or have the same love of just gaming I do, I want to set up a
game and play.

I am also an avid computer gamer. Since the early 80's I have enjoyed the
growing flexibility of computer games. I am first and foremost a strategy fan, but
I also like shooters, and RTS type games. I won't bother to list my favorites as
that would take up a ton of space but I will say that the thing that makes any
game worth playing is wanting to go just one more turn or 5 more minutes, and
finding you have spent an hour saying that over and over.