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The Day started with Kevin and I playing a game of
Warhammer fantasy 6th ed. It was my Orc and Goblin
hordes against his Empire troops. Notice that Tim can be
seen in the mirror.
My giant rushed into the fray but was the first to
go down to the gunners withering fire from the
hilltops. If only I had had time to glue his arms on
he might have done better :)
Heres a better view of the terrain layout as my black
orks are trying to make it to the knights panther before
they can be blown apart by cannon and volleys of gun
There they are. The victors are Kevin's Empire army.
Next time Robert does not get to arrange the terrain :)
Maybe they'll do a deal. We played several games of Settlers of
Cattan. Everyone really enoyed the games and the fun interaction the
game brings out.
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