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Whats new on the gaming front
I,ve recently been gaming alot more during my long break from the SCA.
Along with the miniatures gaming I've been playing D&D 3rd ed.. I love it. It
brought back my love of D&D and, in my opinion, made some good changes.
Also after a long time of looking at the game I started playing Settlers of
Catan along with all its expansions. I've got many of my friends hooked and
some bought the game themselves.
This is a jpg of the miniature I use for Kaliador my
half-elf Cleric that I play in Steve's D&D campaign
To see some pics of the painting process click
the link.
On January 27th we did a sort of game day party here and had loads of
fun. We played Warhammer Fantasy in the morning, and several games of
Settlers of Cattan. We ended the night with a rousing game of the Great
Dalmoudi. Below is a link to some pictures of the day
This page last modified on Sunday, March 04, 2001