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Greg Wright's Bio Page
This is the page where I get a little narsa, narsi, narsacissi..... Oh never
mind, I just look at my life here. I was born June 3rd, 1964 on Otis Air
Force base. Richard Nixon shut the base down in the early '70s, but I'm
sure it's not related to my being born there. For those who like geography
Otis was on Buzzards Bay and near Woods Hole in Massachusetts. I was
born on an Air Force base because my father was in the Coast Guard at
the time. He was in the Coast Guard until I was 17 and we moved Quite a
bit. Here is a list in order of the places I lived: Bourne MASS, Sangly
Point in the Phillipines, Baltimore MD, Wilmington NC, MoreheadCity
NC (and I went fishing in Mayberry it's really on the ocean), Alexandria
VA, Amesbury MASS, S. Weymouth MASS, Avon OH ( west of Clev. ),
Cincinnati OH. I went to Avon High School from 1978 to 1981, and
graduated from Turpin High School in 1982. I went to Cincinnati
Technical College (now called Cincinnati State) after graduating high
school. I was in the Drafting Technology program, but decided to go into
the Army after a year. I went in on a 2 year enlisment (they did that back
then) in May of 1983. I was an Infantryman, a grunt, a ground pounder. In
basic training I was selected to be in the "Old Guard" the 3rd US Infantry.
The Old Guard is the Army's Ceremonial unit. It is also the unit that the
Army Drill Team, and the Guards for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
come from. I was in B company, and by the time my enlistment was up I
was a Spec 4, and a Team Leader for my squad. I recieved several honors
while I was in including an Army Achievment Award. I was married to
Karen Teschendorf when I was 19 but we were seperated in 1986, and
divorced in 1987.I moved back to Cincinnati in 1985, and went to work
in the family 2-way radio buisness until it closed in 2001. I have been
married twice since, and I am sad to say that my third marriage ended in
2000. Wyn and I were together for 7 years but I'm afraid things did not
work out. I was engaged to a very nice lady named Erinn.We moved in
together Sept. 1, 2000 and we were very happy but things did not work
out in the end. I've been working at Shriner's Children's Hospital in the storeroom since May
2001,and enjoy my job there very much. I also work at UPS as a Revenue Auditor. For
more details of my life see the other
parts of my web page.
This page last modified on Sunday, January 19, 2003