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The 6th saw the most work done but I'm afraid we are not yet ready for the field, but its very
close. The above pic is of the quillons welded onto the tube that makes the complete
crosshilt. The pics below are post polishing, and I have to say to Ben: Man these puppies
are a lot of work
. Ben did all the welding, but I did all the shaping and polishing. The job of
making these took most of our shop time.
As I was grinding the crosshilt pieces the air compressor would sometimes need recharging,
and to fill the time while the pressure came back up I worked on completing the parts for my
new shield. After the hilts were complete I put the pieces on the painted sheild. The design
was inspired by an illustration from Osprey's Warrior Series book 1 Norman Knights. In fact
many of the parts of my new armor were inspired by Osprey books.
A view of the inside riveting before
I put the lining on
I may have cut the pieces for my gauntlets out, but its Bens skilled hands that are
shaping the pieces and putting them together. The pic above is of the finger lames he
started bending.
Below is a pic of the good start I made on getting at least one of my new swords
ready for fighting. It was a long but fruitful day in the shop.
This is the first sword that was finished on the 7th. I fought with the new swords at Thursday fight
practice and the one gauntlet that is finished. I really liked them and look forward to finishing the
whole package soon.
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